This is a generic term for cloud-based servers that the ThinQ platform provides to external services as an interface so that service providers that have partnered with LG can develop and operate services linked with ThinQ devices.

ThinQ Connect

This is an interface of the ThinQ platform that is linked with an external service. It is provided to home appliances such as IoT, smart home, and other related service providers. 

ThinQ Connect API

This is an API (Application Programming Interface) provided by the ThinQ Connect server which is designed in the RESTful pattern. This provides a service with the following functions:  

  • • Inquire device list. 
  • • Inquire device status.
  • • Control the device.
  • • Receive device push notifications.
  • (Device: An LG appliance registered in the ThinQ platform by a user)
ThinQ Connect service

This is a service implemented using the ThinQ Connect API which monitors (status inquiry, push notification) or controls a user's device.

ThinQ device

This refers to LG products to which the ThinQ brand has been applied. 

ThinQ Platform API

This collectively refers to all APIs of the ThinQ platform, and includes ThinQ Connect API and DR API provided by ThinQ.Cloud. 

ThinQ Simulator

This is a service for virtual LG appliance devices using the network, and it provides an environment for testing services developed with ThinQ Connect API without requiring the physical devices.

You can request permission separately through the following website, as well as use the ThinQ Simulator. 

• Website: