Commercial Laundry API

The Commercial Laundry API is an interface provided for partners operating self-service laundry facilities.
It enables partners to communicate with LG ThinQ products (washing machines, dryers) installed inside a laundry facility.

Why Commercial Laundry API?

Do you offer commercial laundry services that are user-operated, such as in a hotel or dormitory coin wash?
What sort of inconveniences could your customers be experiencing?

Customer Painpoints

Now, how about making your business smarter with LG?
We provide the API (Application Programming Interface) for partners operating commercial laundry services.
You can use the API to develop your own services for store customers or managers.

Key Features

Your service server can implement the following features through the Commercial Laundry API.

Device Management

Set up devices (LG washing machines/dryers) remotely and managed efficiently.

Usage Pattern Analysis

Efficiently analyze usage patterns such as the number of uses per washing course and the number of actions per device.

Check the Available Devices

Remotely check the current number of available devices.

Laundry Reservation

Remotely reserve the device and prepare it for use.

Check Progress in Real-time

Remotely check on the device's progress in real-time.

Notification of Completion

Receive a message on the callback URL of your service server when the device operation is complete.

Customer - Save Time, Enjoy Life

Develop services for your customers.
Your customers will have a more comfortable and enjoyable self-service laundry experience without wasting time.


Manager - Work Freely, Control Remotely

Develop Dashboard Web for store management.
Managers can efficiently manage the store regardless of time and place.


How to Develop a Service?

The Commercial Laundry API is provided only to LG Electronics B2B partners.
Once you become a partner, you will be provided with technical information needed for service development to begin the development process.

The following figure illustrates the entire process from service development to distribution. You can obtain the necessary resources for each step on the developer site.

Development Process
Join ThinQ.Cloud Developer
Create your Service
Develop your Service
Certify your Service