DR (Demand Response)

DR (Demand Response) is one of the various interfaces provided by the LG ThinQ platform.
 Partners can provide their own DR service to numerous LG appliances connected to the LG ThinQ platform.

DR concept diagram

Why DR?

Learn about the features of DR and provide your DR service to your customers.

Cloud-to-Cloud Interface

Cloud server interface

DR provides a cloud-based Web API (Application Programming Interface) that works with partner servers. Are you operating a DR service? DR extends your service to LG home appliance users.

Intuitive RESTful API

Intuitive RESTful API

DR's API is designed in an easy-to-use RESTful pattern. This well-designed API helps you develop and operate your services easily.

Controlling devices

LG device control

DR provides a web API to register events and control LG appliances. Through this API, you can control the devices (air conditioners) of users registered on the LG ThinQ platform.

How to Develop a Service? 

DR is only available to LG Electronics B2B partners. 
Once you become a partner, you will be provided with the technical information you need and can start developing your service. The process of developing and operating the service is as follows. Get the resources you need through the developer site for each step.

Development Process