BECON Connect

BECON Connect is an interface provided by the LG BECON Cloud platform. 
It allows a partner's service to communicate with various LG HVAC* facilities connected to the LG BECON Cloud platform.

(HVAC: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning)

BECON Connect concept diagram

Why BECON Connect?

Learn about the features and benefits of BECON Connect, and see what your company's service can do with BECON Connect to provide your customers.

Cloud-to-Cloud Interface

Cloud server interface

BECON Connect provides a cloud-based Web API (Application Programming Interface). Are you planning or operating a service to control and manage HVAC facilities installed on a physical site? BECON Connect enables your company's service to be connected to a site where LG HVAC facilities are installed.


Intuitive RESTful API

BECON Connect's API is designed in an easy-to-use RESTful pattern. This well-designed API helps you develop and operate your services easily.

Supports for various types of products

Support for various LG products

BECON Connect currently supports seven types of LG HVAC facilities.

Indoor Unit (IDU) / Outdoor Unit (ODU) / Air to Water Heat Pump (AWHP) / Ventilation device (VENT) / Air Handling Unit (AHU) / Chiller / Commercial air purifier (Aircare)

Facility control

LG HVAC facilities control

BECON Connect provides a web API to control LG HVAC facilities. It allows customers to use your company’s service to control on-site LG HVAC facilities.

Facility monitoring

LG HVAC facilities status lookup

BECON Connect provides a web API to query the status of LG HVAC facilities. It allows customers to use your company’s service to monitor on-site LG HVAC facilities.

Subscribe to events

Event subscription

BECON Connect provides a web API to subscribe to the events of LG HVAC facilities. It allows customers to use your company’s service to receive notifications about status changes at LG HVAC facilities. Accordingly, the customer can take appropriate action depending on the conditions of each facility.

How to Develop a Service?

BECON Connect is available only to B2B partners who have made prior negotiations with LG Electronics.
Once you become a partner, you will be provided with the technical information you need and can start developing your service. The process of developing and deploying a service is as follows, and you can get the necessary resources for each step through the developer site.

Development Process