Device Profile

This is a JSON-format file modeling the attributes of LG appliances which defines the following information.

  • • Attributes describing device state
  • • Attributes used to control a device
  • • Device push messages, etc. 

This is used to send the data of LG appliances via the call parameters and response results of the ThinQ Connect API.


This is service-specific information registered in the ThinQ platform and includes a service ID/key. It is used by the "development" server.


This is an API (Application Programming Interface) provided in order to implement DR service. DR API is designed in RESTful pattern for user convenience, and provides the following features:

  • • Register/delete users.
  • • Register/delete DR Requests.
  • • Inquire about device data.
DR Request

This is an event which occurs in a DR service. This control command is registered by an LG partner to control a user's ThinQ device.

DR service

DR stands for demand response. A DR service controls a user's ThinQ device by registering an event (DR Request) that reduces or changes a user's power consumption during a specific time period (peak time) in order to meet the energy demand at the time.

DR service server

This is an interface of the ThinQ platform that is linked with an external service and is provided to service providers related to energy DR (Demand Response).