SmartThinQ Developer site provides various resources including the developer guides, API reference and support, exclusively to selected partners. Here is the process you need to go through to become a partner of SmartThinQ Developer site. 

Works with SmartThinQ

Please become a LGE IoT partner!

LG Electronics provides SmartThinQ APIs for partners only to extend the IoT partnership.

We will review your application form and inform you of the result when the partnership request is received as below Partnership Request process. If the partnership request is accepted, we will guide the further process. Your product will be able to register to the LG SmartThinQ application after testing the API connection to LG Smart hub. 

When the partnership is confirmed, you need to sign to the nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and we will provide the 'Work with SmartThinQ' logo and logo usage guide. Also, your product will be listed on our developer website.

* Unauthorized use of the 'Works with SmartThinQ' logo will result in legal punishment.  


Partnership Request

Become a partner if you are not a partner yet. SmartThinQ developer site offers partners various developer information and technical support.

Please download and fill out the partnership application and email us at We will review your application and inform you of the result.

* You don’t need to request a site permission separately when you request a partnership.

The LG SmartThinQ developer site is for B2B partners, so individual developers are not authorized. 

1 Create LG Account 2 Download 3 Send the Application to 4. inform you of the result by email



Site Permission Request

Get a site permission if you are a partner already but you don't have a site permission.

Create LG Account first, then download and fill out the site partner permission application and email us at We will review your application and inform you of the result.