ThinQ.AI promotes the development and growth of artificial intelligence (AI) technology through collaboration with partners.

Partners are classified according to the content and purpose provided to users.


OI (Open Innovation) Technology Partner

OI technology partners apply and provide their proprietary technologies to ThinQ.AI through collaboration. Through OI technology partnerships, we intend to enhance the effectiveness of ThinQ.AI and provide partners with business opportunities to employ their products.

The process for signing an OI technology partnership is as follows:


Business Partner

Business partners are largely classified into two categories. A business partner can receive a variety of resources, including development documents and technical support, provided by the ThinQ.AI developers site.


  • New Business Partner
    A partner who wishes to collaborate with the Company for the purpose of utilizing the ThinQ.AI platform. When a partner applies for a new business partner title, the Company evaluates the partner through an internal review.
  • Service Partner
    A partner who wishes to provide artificial intelligence (AI) related services by utilizing toolkits or applications provided by ThinQ.AI


The procedure for signing a business partnership is as follows:


Download: Site Join Procedure, Partnership Application