About Site What is the recommended web browser? 04-Jul-2019
ThinQ.AI developer site is optimized for the Chrome browser, so we recommend using the Chrome browser. It also works for Safari, Firefox, IE (Internet Explorer) browser, but some features may not work as expected. …
Technical FAQ An error occurs when using the engine. What should I do? 02-Jul-2019
Information about error codes (return codes) that can occur when using the APIs of each engine is provided in the corresponding engine guide page. If an error occurs that is not described on the guide page, please contact us via email…
About Site What is the hardware requirements by each engine? 02-Jul-2019
The hardware requirements are different depending on the engine. You can see the hardware information supported by each engine in Services page. 
About Site How can I get a server authentication key? 02-Jul-2019
Only ThinQ.AI partners can be issued a server authentication key. If you are not yet a ThinQ.AI partner, please visit the Partners page to become a ThinQ.AI partner.
About Site Where can I download the SDK? 02-Jul-2019
Only ThinQ.AI partners can download the SDK. If you are not yet a ThinQ.AI partner, please visit the Partners page to become a ThinQ.AI partner.
About Site How do I become a partner? 02-Jul-2019
The process for becoming a ThinQ.AI partner is guided on the Partners page. Please download and fill out the partnership application from the page and send it to support.thinq@lge.com. Our representative will contact you…
About Site How do I get started with ThinQ.AI applications development? 02-Jul-2019
Please visit the About and Services menu before developing your applications. This menu will help you to understand ThinQ.AI because it provides an overview and features of ThinQ.AI. After visiting the following pages, start developing…
About Site What is the ThinQ.AI developer site? 03-Jul-2019
ThinQ.AI developer site is a B2B site that provides AI development information. This site provides technical resources and documents to apply LG AI technology to products and develop applications. With community, you can…