ThinQ.AI 5.0 IR1 Release

Dec 11, 2020

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ThinQ.AI 5.0 (Emali) IR1 has been released. This release has strengthened several engine functions as well as the Cloud API project management function. In addition, with the official deployment of the VADT (Voice Agent Development Toolkit), it supports easier development of voice services.



  • HTWD (Hybrid Trigger Word Detection) Engine
    • Uses a neural network algorithm for embedded trigger word recognition
  • DSM (Driver State Monitoring) Engine
    • Official release
  • With the Gradle version update for Android SDK, the latest version of Gradle can be used during app development
    • Gradle Plugin: v3.2.1 -> v4.1.1
    • Gradle: v4.6 -> v6.5

Cloud API

  • Adopted Pinpoint APM (Application Performance Management) for quick responses to errors
  • Strengthened the project management function on the developer site
    • Register projects: Register multiple projects
    • Add a project member: Add a member to the registered project and share
    • Analytics: Check usage by month or by response code (from November 2020 data onward)


  • VADT (Voice Agent Development Toolkit)
    • Official release of the web-based voice service agent development toolkit