Beyond your imagination. Expect more with AI

Nov 11, 2020

When it comes to artificial intelligence, people tend to think more about its future than its past. But the history of AI began almost 70 years ago, back in the 1950s.

Artificial Intelligence

AI originated from research that sought to create a machine that could imitate a human. By the 1980s, expert systems that found answers within structured patterns had become widely used in a number of industries. In the 2000s, machine learning, which learns from the features designed by human and extracted from a vast repository of data, was implemented in increasingly new ways and popularized within mainstream media. Since 2010, deep learning, which uses neural networks just like a human brain would, has become recognized as the technology that brought AI to the next level.

Hye-Jeong Jeon, Research Fellow, Artificial Intelligence Lab, Future Technology Center, LG Electronics


As AI has evolved, it has had a profoundly great influence on our daily lives. We met Hye-Jeong Jeon, a research fellow at the LG Electronics Artificial Intelligence Lab, to hear more about the present and future of AI.

Current AI home appliances pursue efficiency

The Levels of AI Experience introduced by LG Electronics consists of 4 levels: Efficiency (Level 1), Personalization (Level 2), Reasoning (Level 3), and Exploration (Level 4).

Levels of AI Experience


Currently, AI is at Level 1, which focuses on the development of the technology itself for the efficiency purpose. AI implemented in home appliances are also at this level, and are classified as relatively weak AI.


Weak AI is not as efficient or more efficient than humans, but shows a greater efficiency than humans in certain ways. A calculator can calculate much faster than a human. LG CLOi Chefbot can cook simple meals safely and efficiently. These are only a couple of examples from a wide range of machines with greater capabilities than humans in specialized areas.
At its current stage, AI cannot learn by itself to solve unfamiliar problems in a new environment. To overcome such limitations, LG Electronics is cooperating with other companies to improve AI technology and the resulting user experience for the next stage in the open AI ecosystem. 


AI home appliances will develop into personalized home appliances that fit their users.

AI will evolve and become more personalized to meet the unique tastes of different individuals. It will also usher in an era of AI home appliances that are so customized to the needs of your household, they will operate differently from those in other homes.

A robot cleaner that learns about your home environment and evolves accordingly


Once AI is personalized, we can develop an AI robot cleaner that can study your home, analyzing and understanding your family members for more intelligent and efficient cleaning depending on their lifestyles. If you are buying a new robot cleaner, you can transfer learned data to the new one, maintaining the usability that suits your home.

AI-connected home appliances


Let's take another example. AI home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners can be connected through a network, remember the varying patterns of family members, and learn changes in the indoor environment.
You may have thought about the era of home appliances that resemble humans in their characteristics, and develop their own methods to help with household chores. In fact, such changes to home appliances are currently in progress as relevant technologies are developed.


Evolution of LG Electronics AI technology for a better life

LG Electronics has utilized concepts such as fuzzy logic and chaos theory in their products since the era when expert systems became popular. Currently, the company is developing AI-related technologies within the open AI ecosystem.

I think that, as new technology provides new experiences, AI technology should evolve in the direction of providing better experiences.


I believe changes in technology will lead to changes in the user experience. As new technology provides new experiences, AI technology is used to enhance the experience of the user. Just as Hye-Jung Chun believes, I agree that AI technology should evolve in the direction of providing better experiences.
LG Electronics’s AI is evolving in the direction of actively recognizing user data and changing the user experience according to the needs of the era and its customers.
We constantly provide our home appliances with firmware updates and better server responses to make them operate in more intelligent ways. In the future, our AI home appliances will be connected to each other to gather and share data, providing more advanced functions and a better user experience.

A more convenient future, brought to you by AI

Sci-fi movies often paint a dreadful picture of AI eventually dominating humans. But the future of AI that LG Electronics has envisioned is in the assistance of humans above all else, in which AI reduces the need for human labor and makes life more convenient and efficient for all.

LG ThinQ Home


For example, an AI refrigerator will go further than just recognizing foods inside, and will evolve in a personalized manner to offer the purchase of certain foods when they decrease. If it goes even further to analyze the user’s tastes and consumption patterns, and search online to find those foods offered at cheap prices. It may even recommend a dish according to the user's taste, which can be cooked with the foods on hand.
Even now, time spent on household chores has decreased significantly compared to the past, due to the development of home appliances. You may, however, have already hit a roadblock, beyond which reducing time spent on chores even further can't be accomplished with our current technology. AI is expected to be the key to overcome such limitations. One day, these home appliances will not only be personalized, but also recognize users’ tastes and situations to actively handle chores. This future is not as far away as you might think.
All data will be managed safely with the consent of the users regarding the use of personal information, and sensitive data will only be used within your home appliances so that you can feel safe using them with confidence.

LG ThinQ Platform, source: ThinQ Platform site


Artificial Intelligence is ready to become an intelligent companion in your “better life.”
Keep an eye out for the new innovations our research team will bring to you in the future, in LG Electronics’s intelligent and convenient home appliances.

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