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ThinQ.AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology platform of ThinQ, which is LG's AI brand. Developers can easily develop AI products and services using ThinQ.AI. 

ThinQ.AI proposes suitable AI solutions for users that eliminate the traditional constraints of space and time, creating a seamless living experience.

ThinQ.AI is used in various products of LG Electronics, beyond TVs and home appliances, and the fields are gradually expanding. Develop AI services specialized in specific domains based on LG's technology know-how.


Developer_resource_supportEasy to Use

Provides SDK, REST API, and toolkit so that anyone can easily develop AI products and services.

Verified_qualityProven Quality

Ensures the best quality through inspection according to strict quality standards and application in various commercial products.

SpecializationField-specific Features

Based on LG's technology know-how, it is possible to develop AI services specialized for a specific product or business field.

Reduce_develop_costReduction of Development Costs

Reduces the initial development and implementation costs through PoC using a free of charge trial version of REST API.

Developer Resources


Provides the AI development guides, SDKs, and API references for utilizing ThinQ.AI.





ThinQ.AI promotes the advancement and growth of AI technology through collaboration with partners.


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